Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pause for Pictures

I have read for 30 minutes every day still, though on a couple of occasions when I did not have a clock visible I had to estimate the time.

Obviously my blogging has lagged and I don't want this month's posts to be pure study guide notes, anyway, so instead of giving you the daily details of days 14-18 I'll give the impressions and the impact that they have made on me.

First, I need to give a shout out to Christina who flew out to spend a whole week with Matt, me, and Lilly. We had a blast and we're all experiencing major Teena withdrawals. Here're some pictures of the good times we had:

Cuddling on the bus

Girl time in the sandbox

Lilly loves Allie!

Digger Wasp carrying a dead bug. Google it.

We intended to use this, but when I climbed down to make sure the water was deep enough we were glad I checked. We went for a nice swim, but probably would have died if we'd tried to enter via rope swing...

Hi guys!

Peek a boo!

Best buds

Pointing at the lake

Cuddling lions--this was pretty awesome in person

Lilly's not quite a gibbon yet

Three monkey pals

Lilly's deciding what to order.

The next five pictures tell a story. I call this series: "Treat please"

Entering the lake (Lilly's second time swimming)

Friendly ducks


Christina said...


Ted Meikle said...

Excellent photos and excellent job of culling them! Who was the photographer?

Emily said...

I love the three monkeys picture! It was so perfect. :)

Emily said...

I love the three monkeys picture! It was so perfect. :)