Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 4: Scripture Challenge

July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!!!

On day four, the following phrase from 1 Nephi 4:2 caught my attention: "Let us be strong like unto Moses." I have read right past this line many times. This time, though, I just happened to be imagining myself in Nephi's place, when I came to this phrase and it occurred to me that I would never think/say that. When in my life have I thought, 'I need to be strong like [insert any prophet's name here]'? Never. I have admired certain prophets and people from the scriptures at different times in my life, but I haven't really used them as role models.

To be fair, I'm not generally the type to idolize anyone. Even in my adorable tweens I never had a celebrity crush and I seriously struggle with the question, "If you could meet any famous person who would it be?" Basically no one, thank you. I even had a dream once where I was entertaining a bunch of famous people for my birthday and it was torture. (Britney Spears ruined my mom's table).

So why does Nephi think to "be strong like unto Moses?" I suppose it's because he truly admired and loved him. I think the closest I've come to relating to this phrase is when I think of my deceased grandmother. I very much hope to become like her.

Moroni (not Captain Moroni, but the one at the end of the Book of Mormon) is probably the closest I have to a scripture hero. I know my dad has a church history hero, though I can't remember who it is. It's kind of a strange ambition, I guess, but I've decided I want to feel strongly enough about a gospel hero to someday say to myself, "Let me be strong, like ---."

Who are your heroes?


Jaime said...

A brief, non-exhaustive list of my heros:
1) My mom
2) Cam

Ted Meikle said...

Parley P. Pratt

Ted Meikle said...

We needn't require perfection of our heros. We can be inspired by imperfect people who do some things perfectly (even if done only for a month).

Christina said...

Wow, Jaime, your list was pretty brief and non-exhaustive! But intriguing.

Gordon B Hinckley is mine, as church leader heroes go. And yes, actually, I frequently think, "I need to be optomistic like President Hinckley". More or less. :)