Sunday, September 30, 2012

Month Four: The Sleep Challenge

Best challenge ever. Right?

This is my inspiration:

For this month (starting tomorrow, October 1st) I am going to bed by 10:30 on weeknights and 11:00 on weekends. I am going to just count on Lilly waking me up early enough to count as "early." And, I'll make this clear right now: If she ever lets me sleep in, I am so jumping on that. Alright. I feel pretty good about this one even with the hectic schedule. Also, I will only blog as often as I have something interesting to report. Probably I'll shoot for at least once a week.

I'm back! (And an explanation of my absence)

Hi all of you faithful followers (in other words, "Hi Christina!")

I have officially had an epic fail of a perfect month. And you know what? I don't regret it one bit. After missing a few days of my perfect month of journaling I decided that I needed a break from blogging. I guess I had an unofficial perfect month (or two) of survival during my blog absence. I'm proud to say that I survived perfectly, though I definitely did not journal perfectly.

In the last couple of months I began my internship at Lutheran Social Services. I work out of the Janesville office doing outpatient substance abuse and mental health counseling. I'm loving it. But adding about 18 hours a week to my already busy schedule (with school, family, and church responsibilities) just about did me in. Luckily things are back on track enough that I think I can resume this blog. Of course, I am going to start with a month that will be relatively easy to achieve. My plan is that this month's goal is going to make balancing my responsibilities easier rather than adding yet another item to my "to-do" list. 

Also, we had family portraits taken this week, so I can't resist posting a few of my favorites.