Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 5: Scripture Challenge

July 5, 2012

When I was in the Primary Presidency in my last ward, the church came out with new leadership manuals. I'd never even seen the old ones, and there was a ton of hype in the Worldwide Leadership Training for these new manuals. I was extremely pumped to read my brand spanking new red manual from cover to cover.

About two weeks later I still hadn't even read the entirety of the small section that related directly to Primary. This is what I thought of when I read 1 Nephi 5 on day five. The boys finally returned from Jerusalem to the wilderness with the brass plates in tow. What do you suppose Lehi did when they got home? First, as always, he praised God that they were safe and well. Next, he "search[ed] them from the beginning." You go, Lehi!

It seems like a "duh" response to getting the brass plates after all the sacrifice that went into obtaining them, but is it really what we would do? Maybe Lehi is becoming one of my heroes. (Oh boy!)

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