Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 8: Scripture Challenge

July 8, 2012

For the majority of my scripture study on day eight, I chose to get caught up on my blog entries and I reviewed notes that I had taken on previous nights and wrote up my posts. I took about an hour doing that, then spend ten minutes reading from 1 Nephi 7.

This chapter is the lovely one where Nephi prays that he would have power to burst the chains that his brothers had bound him with and God kindly loosens them instead. I have always thought this was a bit of a reminder to Nephi to keep his pride in check. Honestly, I've never really loved Nephi because his pride does seem to be such an annoying flaw throughout his story (it's the same with Joseph of Egypt--his ancestor).

I've been thinking, though, about Dad's comment on my post for day four: "We needn't require perfection of our heros. We can be inspired by imperfect people who do some things perfectly." I think that part of the reason that I don't have many heroes is that I do require perfection of them. I feel that a clear character flaw like pride completely clouds their good characteristics. As I've pondered on Dad's comment, I've begun to question my requirements of others. I think Christ is a much more forgiving judge and if I am hoping for His forgiveness, I better start seeing heroes in imperfect people.

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