Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Perfect Month of Extra Time

Hi! I'm here to report another failed perfect month. You see this happens relatively frequently? I just like to keep the suspense alive, you know? Will she ACTUALLY follow through? Probably not, but....she has in the past....a LoooOoOoong time in the past....

Here's the deal: The perfect month of getting up at 6:30 was not in the cards. Matt, Lilly, and I all came down with something and it's making me EXHAUSTED. Even if it weren't, though, I learned on my mission that if you actually sleep a little more when you're sick, it works wonders and you get better a lot faster. (I must've been a slacker missionary, right?)

So, I could be a crazy perfectionist and just get up at 6:30 in the morning ANYWAY, or I could remember that the whole point of a perfect month is for it to make me happy. Losing any small allotment of extra sleep time would not be doing that for me right now.

Therefore, just to prove to you all that I am hardcore amazing and dedicated to my blog, I'm switching to a different goal.

Too much text. Here's a picture of Matt and Lilly after she finally calmed down from her 45 minute tantrum.

Back to text.

Since I was feeling motivated by the idea of having an extra 30-60 minutes to be productive each day (before Lilly woke up), I am going to run with that. But, I'm going to have to find that time somewhere else since sleep is indispensable right now. So, I'm calling this month the Perfect Month of Extra Time, meaning I am going to create extra time out of thin air and then use it well!

The fine print of my next perfect month, beginning tomorrow, iiis (drumroll.....)

  • A perfect month of not-very-much TV. To be specific, no more than one show/movie per day. Movies will only be permitted at the end of the day once a week (though I don't see that being a problem, we're more TV-series-marathons-on-Netflix-or-Amazon types around here.)
  • A conscious effort to use that free time to conquer my to-do list, STARTING with the stuff I most want to put off (learned this from Teri) OR to dedicate to special time for Lilly
Wooo. So there you have it. I'm going to create extra time out of thin air without even losing any of my much needed sleep. AND on top of it, I won't have to be ashamed of my couch-potato-ways anymore. (At least for a month.)

Wish me luck. And JOIN ME!!!!!! Seriously, anyone else watch too much TV? Jump on the bandwagon. I'm going for 31 days, starting tomorrow and ending on Friday, August 9th. Also, feel free to join me for the TV-A-THON-GORGE-A-GROSSY-ALL-DAY-TV party that is sure to take place on Friday, August 9th. (just kidding). Maybe.


Christina said...

I love your blog. Because I love how you write, I love hearing about your life, I love pictures of Lilly, and I love the phrase "TV-A-THON-GORGE-A-GROSSY-ALL-DAY-TV party."

Also, congrats on a great plan! Can't wait to hear how it goes. I won't be joining you because right now I'm watching tv/movies to get me through 8-hour shifts of laundry folding...and I really don't feel pressed for time anyway, for once. Though maybe I will half-heartedly follow your lead by at least going to get another audio book from the library. :)

Jenny said...

Those sound like the exact issues I deal with, except I need to throw trashy crime novels into the mix. Thanks for the idea. I'm in.

Teri said...

I need to say that it is rather eerie you just started getting back on the wagon. Two days ago I sat thinking to myself, and I thought, "I miss Cam's perfect month blog. I shall message her about it when I get the chance." You must have read my mind!

I admire you being willing to adjust your perfect month so soon. That takes maturity and guts, and it is a life skill. You are being resilient! (By the way, resilience is my new thing right now. There was an article in the March Ensign about it that opened my eyes.)

I enjoyed the random shout out to me. It makes it seem like I'm so together, hahaha.

Cam said...

Thanks everyone, for your comments. You have no idea how encouraging it is to know that you're reading and supporting me! Except for Tina, who is flaunting her TV-A-GORGE-A-THON right in my face. (Jk). Jenny, I'm glad you're in. You'll have to leave update comments now and then to let us know how you're doing. Teri, I'm glad to have read your mind. I'm also glad that you actually like the blog enough to miss it! Seriously, I'm flattered and feel happy and like this is a small way to stay connected to my favorite people. :) (You three all fall in that category). LOVE!!!!!!!! -Cam