Sunday, July 28, 2013

Days 9-21: Extra Time

Hello everyone! I am back to report a shocking new development in my perfect month of "Extra Time."

Despite this entry covering days 9-21, I am coming back to report that my blogging has not (this time) been adversely affected by my utter failure at my goal!!

Or in other words, I'm still perfect with my one-show-a-day goal. I should admit that I made a slight adjustment (as I have in other goals, and for which I feel no remorse or shame). There was a day when I watched a show while Matt was at school, but really wanted to watch something quick with him that night. I decided that I'd watch two shows and use my "movie" chip for the week. Two shows basically equal one movie, right?

Ok. Glad we're square.

Now...about Lilly. Lilly's been developing her imagination lately, by pretending that robots are coming. Her daddy decided that he ought to encourage this new fascination and built her her very own robot costume!

Here is version 1.0

And version 2.0 (with paper glued to it to cover up the "Raisin Bran") In the picture below, she's making a  "robot face."

Okay. My plan was to hurry and hook you with cute pictures and then keep talking about myself, so here it comes...

I'm also happy to report that, although I still feel like there are a plethora of unnecessary time-vacuums in my life, I have managed to attack my "avoid list" since the last entry. Can't say that I've gotten to everything, but here are a few of the things I've done. (Remember, though these sound like pretty simple tasks, that some of them have been on my to-do list for several years).

  • Talked to co-worker about his contact with Centro Hispano
  • Called Centro Hispano about possibly starting a youth psychoeducational group there
  • Followed up with Eagle Heights about the same thing (need to do this again, though. I haven't heard back from them)
  • Attached my water-bottle cage to my bike
  • Called our insurance and found out we DO have dental coverage (WOOOO HOOO!!)
  • Gotten the phone number for our dentist (still working on actually setting appointments)
  • Completed the UW Health Initiative and already been rewarded with a nice fat pre-paid visa
  • Filled out "Therapist Specialty" form and emailed it back
  • Did online training for work
Wow. I was just looking at my last post's "avoid list" and I have actually done a lot more than I thought!

Go me!!!!!!!

For those of you who decided to join me in this perfect month, how is it going? I hope my lack of posts didn't cause anyone to fall off the wagon.


Holly said...

Yay! I forgot to comment on Facebook the other day, but I do read this and I love hearing about your progress, Cam! And Lilly looks SO much like you!!!

Christina said...

Hooray she's a robot! That's so great. Where did her robot fascination come from?? She'll have to meet Dave and his line-following robot.

I'm so proud of you, Camel! That was a great list! I am just starting a night shift and I've been thinking today about how I want to make it a great, producvtive one. Now I feel so inspired that I'm going to comment on here again tomorrow and report what I accomplish during the shift (accountability is important)! I love you kiddoface!

Jaime said...

I love your constant quest for self-improvement, especially since you are already so great that you could just chill and still be fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing! And I'm excited about the possibility of a youth psychoeducational group - I want to hear more about that! said...

That is the cutest robot I've ever seen. And I love that Matt supported her fascination.

Congrats on the to-done list. :)

Cam said...

Awww, thanks Holly! I heard a rumor that you have a blog, too. I'd love to check it out. Also, it's fun to hear that Lilly looks like me. I still don't see much of myself or Matt in her physical appearance... But I like to hear that we look alike because I think she's the most beautiful person in the WHOLE world! :)

Cam said...

You weren't accountable!!! Does that mean you didn't do it? (Cry)

Cam said...

Thanks, Jaime. I got the bug for self-improvement from my favorite people: you, Jeni, Teri, Emily. :) So far the kids group isn't exactly taking off. Still working on selling it around the community. I'll keep you updated, though.

Cam said...

Thanks, Duz! That "robot costume" is her favorite new toy. :)

Jaime said...

Good, because I really want to hear about it!