Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 6: Extra Time

This morning, Matt, Lilly, and I biked to the capitol for the annual "Art Fair on the Square." It was fantastic, as it was last year. The art there is beautiful and inventive and the food is delicious, too. Lilly especially enjoyed dancing to the music and running on the lawn outside the capitol building. She wasn't as much a fan of being carried through the crowds of people and looking at the art. (Too bad. I kinda liked that part. (Well, the looking at the art part. No one carried me, but if they had I definitely would not have resisted the way Lilly did.)

There are a few pictures of her dancing with her papa. Here's a quick video:

And, a lot of pictures:

Dancing with Daddy

Lilly found these little sequins on the ground and started to collect them on her backpack.

Getting grumpy

Posing with some cool sculptures

Some art that she was allowed to touch!

Daddy just poured water on Lilly's head

She found a good spot


The spot's too little for Daddy

Drinking a free sample of cold juice

Hanging with the bikes!

Playing on the Federal Reserve Robot Chalk :)

A few moments after almost getting run over by the bike trolley! Yikes!

Lilly was really tired by the end and wanted to cuddle this sign. Hmm....

After Lilly's nap today, she found Mommy napping in Mommy's room. Daddy came in shortly after Lilly and got to play with us as Lilly set the scene for her first imaginary game (not counting using props to eat/drink).

Here's the scene: "The robots are coming with us!" (She often says "with" when she means "for") "The robots are coming in Mommy and Daddy's room!" (said with pretend fear and wonder in her eyes, and pointing at the ceiling). As we played along, we learned that they were "little tiny" robots, that there were two of them, they were "friendly" and one was coming into Lilly's room and one was coming into Mommy and Daddy's room (where we were all huddled on the bed defensively). We also learned that the one coming into Mommy and Daddy's room was a "girl robot." And that "we're family" and if "we cuddle" we'll be ok.

See all the fun things that can happen when I'm not watching TV?

Then Matt and I made funnel cakes and watched Doctor Who together. Wooo~! Fun day.

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Christina said...

Oh GOOD, I've been waiting for you to choose Dr Who! I thought something fishy was going on.

Awesome video, I love the passerby who stops to watch her. :) And that game sounds awesome! That must be so fun to have a kid with an imagination in your house!