Friday, July 12, 2013

Days 3-5: Extra Time

You all thought I'd dropped off again like all those other times, right? Not so! I just didn't blog very faithfully, but here it is:

Wednesday was a slow day at work in that I only saw one client before the group I run, however, it was crazy day in that I managed to use those hours to do some intense catching up on notes. You may or may not realize that therapists have to do a TON of paperwork. Until recently, the agency I work at was actually doing this work on paper. Luckily, we have switched to electronic notes now, and that saves a lot of time. Unluckily, it took the first four weeks of my working there for me to get up and running on the electronic system, so I had four weeks' worth of paperwork to do.

I'm proud to say that I am completely caught up on all of my electronic notes (notes describing each of my individual sessions with clients as well as a note for each individual member of each week of group). There are just a few more paper-chart things that I need to finish in order to be completely caught up. WOooo Hoooo! And all because I didn't watch TV at work. (JUST KIDDING. I have never watched TV at work, unlike a few PhD students I know...cough cough).

Okay, Matt says no one actually does that. My apologies to PhD students who I know.

I better get on to the good stuff, though. I know that in this blog about limiting TV consumption, the greatest curiosity is: WHICH SHOW DID I WATCH????

So...on Wednesday we watched the Food Network's "Food Network Star."

On Thursday Lilly actually took a nap (this is becoming pretty rare these days) and I decided to watch one of my faves, "Switched at Birth," a show about two girls (and their families) who found out as teenagers that they were accidentally switched at birth. Super over-the-top high-school dramatic, but almost entirely squeaky clean. Fun!!!

Should I be embarrassed that this month's goal is turning into an advertisement for my favorite shows? Probably.

I learned something important on Thursday, though. Watching TV in the middle of the day makes me feel like BLUNK. (Made that word up just for this). I didn't get a chance to get anything much done before Matt got home, then when he was ready to relax I couldn't watch a show with him (like we do every night after Lilly goes down) and I didn't feel like working since he was chilling. I was very unproductive and unhappy.

So there you have it. I've learned something valuable from this month already.

Tonight, although we're behind on several of our favorite shows, we have already decided to watch the episode that will catch us up on Food Network Star. I don't know why, but we are both really loving that show right now. It's been cracking me up.

Woooo. Long one. That's what I get for not blogging for a couple of days. I should probably post a picture of Lilly on here, or I'll lose my family-followers.

This one's a few weeks old, but it cracks me up and deserves some publicity. This is Lilly in the bike trailer after a particularly muddy bike-ride. Poor thing. She was a pretty good sport, considering.


Jenny said...

Blunk--it's good! I was sorely tempted to watch an episode come naptime, but I read a book instead and was able to watch a movie with Brad tonight--it paid off! Facebook, though, is a major sinkhole that I need to address....

Christina said...

Your intuition about how to keep your family-followers is spot-on! :D

(JK, I love your whole blog. Congrats, keep it up!)

Christina said...

Also, my justification for not joining you in this goal is that I sometimes watch TV while folding laundry at the hotel. And aside from then, I really don't have a desire to watch a lot. Though that's true and I'm a stick with it, I do think I should consider how I can stop wasting other time at work (when there's no laundry). Just think--if I spent less time on facebook and playing games on my ipod, I could do extra helpful things around the hotel and get things from my own to-do list taken care of! I'm a think about this.