Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 1: Extra Time

Guess what, everyone? I DID IT!!! Wooohooo! I'm so back on the Perfect Month train. Today, I watched only one tv show, and I made it my guiltiest TV pleasure....The Bachelorette! That's right. Got together with some friends who share the guilty pleasure and had a fun girls' night. (Which, by the way, is going to happen for at least four more weeks every Monday).

So, I don't have a recent picture of the group, but here we are at a Bachelor-themed baby shower for one of our friends (who has unfortunately since moved).

Honestly, lest you all get the idea that I am a total TV bum, I will explain how today felt different from most days. (And it really did!) Usually, during Lilly's nap (or more recently her quiet-time in her room), I will sit down and watch a show or two while eating something that she would beg for if she were there. It's my "me" time when I relax and don't have to worry about caring for my adorable little toddler. Today, I used that time to get the to-dos I've been ignoring done, and it felt great! 

Today, I:

  • Sent two work emails that I've been putting off
  • Found out who my doctor is (haven't been to the doctor for ages....the dentist is next)
  • Set a doctor's appointment
  • Got my bum over to Costco and signed up for a membership
All things I've been putting off for a LONG time.

PAUSE!!!!!! Just noticed that the balloons in that picture make some really cool colorful shadows on the wall.

Random fact about today: Lillian woke up with a big red, swollen eye. :( I took her to the doctor and she said that it's nothing to worry about, probably a bug bite, and it will go away in a day or two.

A couple hours later it was much worse, to the point that she could hardly open her eye. :( Following my mom's advice, we bought her some benedril which seemed to help a little, but it's still pretty bad. I hope it's better tomorrow! Here's a couple sad pictures of my pirate baby:

That's all for today! Peace!

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