Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 2: Extra Time

Today I am EXHAUSTED. Whoo. I had a great day with Lilly and her little friend today. We are very blessed to have come to a wonderful arrangement with some friends re: babysitting. They watch Lilly on the one day/week that I work, and I watch their little boy once a week. Today was it.

We started at the mall, since it was rainy. I was hoping they could get some energy out in the little play-place, but it was closed. (For no apparent reason. No one was cleaning it, no one was working on it, it just had cones and stay out tape across the entrance). So we walked around the mall with our one-seater stroller taking turns sitting in the stroller and pushing the stroller (I never got a turn to sit in the stroller, but I always had a willing stroller-pushers to "help" me push when it wasn't his/her turn).

After lunch and naps, we played outside since the sun came out. For whatever reason, they always seemed to want to run in opposite directions.

I am tired now. Whoo.

That's where I started, huh?

But I'm proud to report that Matt and I just watched my one show of the day, "Food Network Star."

But, did I use the extra time well today? Did I tackle the to-dos that I've been procrastinating?


Somehow even with the little kiddies running amok I managed to go through Lilly's room and pull out her outgrown clothes, box them up and unpack a few outfits that should fit her now. I also re-wrote a work email when I realized that I accidentally sent it to myself yesterday, instead of the intended recipient. I have the two meetings that I've been putting off set up. No avoiding them now!

It is really amazing, actually, to see how easy it is to get these things done. Most of them are simple, easy things that I just didn't want to do.

Still need to find out who our dentist is....that's been on my list for over a year. (Yuck, right? We need to get those teeth into that office!!!)

Oh, and Lillian's eye is MUCH better, if you're wondering. Here's proof:

If you're reading, please comment. It means a lot to me. :) LOVE!


Teri said...

I'm reading! Very glad to see Lillian's eye so improved. Good for you on just doing a couple little things that can really sap your strength until you just do them. I've been relearning that lesson recently.

Jenny said...

Sorry it was my boy that made you so tired.... For me, yesterday was very productive. :) I find, though, that problems come once I'm done with a busy day--that's when I start feeling like I deserve my vices. Why is it that we feel vices are deserved? I would love to generally find a way to make more useful and worthy things (activities, foods, books, shows) my "vices."

Jeni said...

I'm starting tomorrow Cam. I actually had felt strongly that I needed to cut back on my tv watching, it'll be easier knowing someone else is doing it too.
I love you

MyFitnessTrainer.com said...

Cool, I can actually comment now. Cam, I'm reading. Love it!

Christina said...

It's weird not being able to "like" people's comments. I really liked what you had to say, Jenny, and I'm happy for you Jeni that you found the inspiration for something that'll be helpful!

As for you, Cam, you never got a turn in the stroller?? Never?? </3