Sunday, July 20, 2014

Days 14-20: Accountability

There have been a few times now that I've not filled out the chart the same day. I'll go back and fill in the last few days. This does not work! I am realizing that the power of accountability decreases if the accountability is not timely. (Woo! A lesson!)

Something strange has come of this goal. While I haven't necessarily improved in all categories, the category of keeping the house clean has improved drastically! I guess the thing that most needed work weaseled its way to the top of the priority list when I started looking at my list every day. (Another lesson?)

Today, after baths, we all got in our PJs and went for a "family pajama walk" in the woods. Lilly loved it and I really enjoyed it, too. I decided it may be a fun family tradition to have occasional evening "pajama walks."

Now for some totally unrelated photos from the last couple of weeks:

Lilly found my old sponge curlers and asked what they were. I told her they make your hair curly. "Like my daddy?" she said. And boom. It was a done deal. She wanted me to put them in her hair.


Christina said...

I would like every picture of Lilly ever taken framed on my wall please. I'll take the Tina ones too, while we're at it.

Good job Cam, way to keep it up! I've been really consistent with one of my goals, too--to only use Facebook if it happens to be during the first ten minutes of any hour. It's been great and I might just keep it up indefinitely. However, my most important one on my list (30 min scripture study daily) is going alright but I've been missing some days still. Gonna keep working on that one! Love you!

Holly said...

Ok, those pictures of Lilly with the curly hair are TOO CUTE!!!