Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 3: Accountability

Cam's Perfect Month Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Wake up at 7:00 X
15 minute clean
Prepare for the next day
Take Iron X
Give Tina her vitamin D X
At least some outside Time 1.5hrs
At least some play with Lilly time X
Be on time  X X
Cross at least one thing off to-do list X
Write in journal
Laundry (on laundry day) X
Visiting Teaching
Something for my SS class X
General Conference Talk
Date Night X
Scripture Study X
Bed by 11:00
Call a Family Member Tina, Mom

Play with Tina X
Not go to McDonalds

 No, I didn't forget to mark for today. That's really how badly I did. But the good news is, my month is still perfect because I'm being accountable. I'm looking at those two little exes from today and saying, "wow. Most of the things that most matter to me I didn't do today." All the more motivation to pick it up a notch. After all, so far, my hypothesis that keeping track would increase my likelihood of following through is not very well supported. (Heh...)

To be fair, I did a lot of good things today that aren't on that list. Also, I spent some good quality time with the girls, I just didn't "play" by the intended definition of the word. Speaking of which, I'm going to blog soon about what I mean by each of these items.

Now, though, it's 1:15AM. Bedtime.

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