Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 4: Accountability

7/1/2014 7/2/2014 7/3/2014 7/4/2014
Cam's Perfect Month Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Wake up at 7:00 X
15 minute clean
Prepare for the next day
Take Iron X
Give Tina her vitamin D X
At least some outside Time 1.5hrs X
At least some play with Lilly time X X
Be on time  X X X
Cross at least one thing off to-do list X
Write in journal
Laundry (on laundry day) X X
Visiting Teaching
Something for my SS class X
General Conference Talk
Date Night X
Scripture Study X
Bed by 11:00
Call a Family Member Tina, Mom

Play with Tina X
Not go to McDonalds

Happy 4th of July!!!! It started out a little rough here. Matt told me he would have to go in to work for a few hours (boo!) and then it looked like it might be most of the day. I was pretty disappointed because the 4th is one of my favorite Holidays and I was excited to enjoy Matt's day off with him, find a parade, go to the park, etc. before fireworks. As it turned out he was home by 1:00PM and we had a fun day after all.

The girls were darling all day. Lilly remembers the 4th of July from last year and she said "Mommy, I'm not gonna be scared of the fireworks this year, because I grew up a lot and I'm brave because I'm bigger now." She was true to her word. Tina was also mesmerized by them.
Lilly after I dressed her up in her patriotic duds and did her hair. She was so excited! :)

Backpack packed and ready to go! (Lilly packed crayons in a small plastic case that was originally for earbuds, a piece of paper, and a couple of her toys. She did this while I was packing up snacks, sparklers, etc.)

Lilly made a little friend who helped bury her. We have a cute picture with her friend, but since I don't know her parents and I didn't get permission, I'm not going to post it on here.

Matt and Tina in front of one of the obstacles in the "Wife Carry Race." (No joke).

Daddy Daughter


Happy Girl

My attempt at a three-person selfie

Riding the gator!!

She looked a little nervous during the ride (this was before it started). I think it was a little jerkier than she expected. But, she said "I love the gator ride! It was fun!"

If you look real close, you can tell she's not so sure about this ride now that it's started.

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Christina said...

Hooraaaay pictures!!! :)

Great job so far with your month, Cammy-Cam. By way of accountability I'll report that I'm not doing quite as well. The first 3 days I did well, then I didn't take my chart with me over the weekend. But I'm picking it back up tonight! Love you!