Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 7: Accountability

Tonight was another night that the girls were not asleep until about 10:30. Not to whine, but that really makes it tough to get much done when you aim to be in bed by 11:00. Sigh.

I decided I am going to post daily, with my spreadsheet, but I obviously have not been writing much of interest on most days, so I will only "advertise" a new post on facebook when there's something worth reading. Perfectly accountable, but not perfectly boring. Deal?

7/1/2014 7/2/2014 7/3/2014 7/4/2014 7/5/2014 7/6/2014 7/7/2014
Cam's Perfect Month Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Wake up at 7:00   X          
15 minute clean           X X
Prepare for the next day             X
Take Iron   X     X X X
Give Tina her vitamin D X         X X
At least some outside Time 1.5hrs     X      
At least some play with Lilly time X     X X X  
Be on time  X X   X      
Cross at least one thing off to-do list X            
Write in journal              
Laundry (on laundry day) X     X      
Visiting Teaching              
Something for my SS class X         X X
General Conference Talk             X
Date Night     X        
Scripture Study X         X X
Bed by 11:00             11:30
Call a Family Member Tina, Mom

Play with Tina X
Not go to McDonalds


Christina said...

I'm seeing more x's! Good job! I'm back on track though I haven't had many x's the last couple of days. I'm working til about 3 each day, then I go over to Tyson's, so I haven't been too good. I'll keep trying though!

Jeni said...

I like you guys. I was just thinking I should do a perfect month of no complaining, I do that too much lately. Sometimes it's too easy to be weak