Thursday, May 24, 2012


Welcome to "The Perfect Month." My name is Carol-Marie (aka Cam). I am 26 years old and enjoying my little family of three. My husband has just begun a Ph.D chemistry program, I'm just starting my second year in a masters of social work program, and our curious 13 month old daughter, Lilly, is studying everything she can find by putting it in her mouth.

I've always used goals as a way to make my life purposeful. Lately, however, my normal goal-setting routine has not been exciting or motivating enough to hold my interest. I got the idea for this blog when I was feeling a frustratingly low level of motivation.

The Idea:
At the beginning of a month, I will choose a goal that I would like to complete perfectly every day of the month. I'll blog each day about my success/failure and about the impact of the month's goal on my and my family's life.

I will define "perfect" completion of each goal when I set it. Please feel free to share comments, questions, experiences, or suggestions. I would love to hear from you!

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