Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 5: Running Challenge

This morning I slept in until 9:00 and it was beautiful! I am getting the idea though, that I should probably have a "perfect month" of early to bed, early to rise one of these months...

Today was Matt's first day back to the lab after the long weekend from heaven. :( I missed him. Lilly and I had a great day, though. We played in the sand, drove some smart cars and went for a long walk by the lake.

Around 10:00 I realized I still had a run to do. Honestly, I was kind of dreading it. I had a stomach full of about five chicken pods (I don't even know what they're called anymore. Matt called them chicken pods once and it stuck) and about half a gallon of water and I remembered too well my last night time run when I almost re-visited my first ever run. (See Ted's comment on day 1). I waited a bit for my stomach to settle, mapped a run along the road so it would be lighted and started off.

After the first block I realized that the road that goes around our complex has no lights whatsoever when I literally ran off the road because I couldn't see my own feet. I decided to turn onto the parking lot the first chance I got. After the fear factor was removed, it was a very fun run! I decided to add a little distance to the run that I mapped out since my parallel parking lot version was an inside track. It was not difficult and my body felt wonderful! When I got home I found out that my little addition brought me up to a 0.86 mile run. I've been doing about 0.5 miles so an unconscious increase was a happy surprise. The run took me about seven minutes.

Cute Lilly note of the day: I think she wants a smart car.


Teri said...

Yay for adding more distance without realizing it! Glad you are already feeling improvements.

Cam said...

Teri, THANK YOU for commenting! It feels so nice to know someone's reading and feel that support. It makes me more motivated to keep going!

Jaime said...

How cool that your body feeling really good afterwards! I'm so glad you are having some immediate benefit to keep you going.

Christina said...

Hey! Don't you remember the 110 girls freaking out on us?? Running alone at night is dangerous! >:(

...it is fun though, isn't it? :)

MyFitnessTrainer.com said...

Yay for Lilly pictures!!! I love her car. So cute!

Congrats on keeping up the running goal- so proud of you.

Hey, seriously, what's up with proving I'm not a robot? Surely they must have an app that can do that for me? ;)