Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 1: Running Challenge

This morning when the alarm went off at 7:30 I wanted nothing more than to hit the snooze button. And that's exactly what I did. I hit it again and again. Obviously, I wasn't being modest when I stated in the intro to this blog that I am not a perfectionist naturally.

It's actually a miracle that Lilly was still asleep when I finally got up an hour later. Matt is just doing research (no classes) during the summer, so he's been going in to school a little later than normal anyway. I am blessed to live in a beautiful location near campus that is surrounded by forest and right on the lake. I walked to a nearby path entrance and did a short 0.5 mile jog through the forest and along the lake shore.

It was a beautiful morning and I took it very easy, running for only 5 minutes and "warming up/cooling down" for another 5. It was a fantastic beginning to my first attempt at perfection. This Mexico jersey, part of my running attire, was my inspiration. !Viva Mexico! (No, I'm not Mexican...but I sometimes pretend I am).

Today was incredible. Starting the day off with a run (albeit a short one) gave me energy all day long! Lillian and I played outside for about two straight hours this afternoon. She was one happy baby! She even fed off of my energy and decided to conquer her fear of slides! She's a pro slider now.

I declare day one of the running challenge a happy success!


Christina said...

Happy story! Thanks, Cam! Keep it up!

Ted Meikle said...

Ah, I remember when you and I went for a run back in Minnesota. We had a great time but afterwards, my meniscus-less knees told me my running days were over, and we went way to hard for a first run for you.

You are much wiser to start like this.

Cam said...

I think that was my first ever "real" run. I remember I threw up on the lawn when we got home. :) Haha! said...

Oh no! Cam, that run with Dad must have been intense. Glad you started slower this time. said...

Oh, and this "proving (I'm) not a robot" stuff is already getting old.