Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 3: Running Challenge

As Teri predicted, day 3 was harder. :)

Also, for clarification: I am blogging day 3 and day 2 on the same night. After all, I didn't set a goal of perfect blogging. ;)

This morning it was raining and I was exhausted. I decided not to do a morning run. Despite the rough start, today was a happy and productive day! Matt, Lilly and I vacuumed out the car, filled the tires with air and took the car to the "Octopus Car Wash." We watched through a window as the car went through the automatic wash. The window was equipped with a joystick with a button on top that you could press and aim to squirt additional suds on the car as it went by. Awesome! After the auto-wash part, about eight people all wiped it down and cleaned the windows and voila! Clean car.

When we got home I decided to shampoo the car mats. I put them in the bath, squirted them with shampoo and scrubbed them with my manicure brush (never really knew what that thing was supposed to do...). If you've ever tried to clean a paint-soaked sponge so that the water runs clear, you've experienced a similar process.

The mats came out amazing (even got a big oil stain out that's been there since Matt bought the car!) and by the time I put them back in our car and disinfected the dashboard, our little car was bursting with pride. When we got to thinking about it, we realized it'd been over a year since we'd vacuumed or washed the car. Poor thing.

Next, I cut Matt's hair and we went to the Olbrich gardens and Rocky Rococo's for pizza. It was a wonderful date night and Lillian was a doll the whole time.

Lest you think I gave up on my goal, I better mention that I took a nice 10 minute jog (5 minutes warm up/down, 5 minutes running) around the complex in the pitch dark tonight. As I circled around to get back to the apartment I heard a clang, looked in the direction of the noise and found myself about four feet away from a startled looking raccoon who was standing on top of the nearby dumpster. Yikes!

This is not my photo, but if you imagine it being pitch dark and the raccoon being all puffed up and standing on the lid, it's basically what it looked like. I thought it was gonna claw out my eyes.


Teri said...

Haba, that raccoon story sounded pretty scary. You have inspired me to clean my car as well.

Jaime said...

Wow, what an image!