Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 15 and 16: Running Challenge

I can't remember anything special about Saturday (day 15)'s run, but I ran it!

Day 16 was Monday. For Family Home Evening, Matt, Lilly and I walked to the nearby field (the one just down the hill going out of Eagle Heights, by the hospital) and brought our ball bag. It was a wedding gift and we have loved using it on many occasions. We also brought Lilly's playground-style ball.

When we first arrived, Lilly held one of Mommy's hands and one of Daddy's hands, and we helped her run while kicking her playground "Tangled" ball. We were wondering what we'd do if Lilly ended up being good at sports. We decided we'd love it, we'd just need to ask her to re- teach us the rules at every game. ;)

We played catch with the mini-lacrosse sticks and wiffle ball while Lilly ran around until it got dark, then we started our walk home. On the way home, Matt asked if I'd run yet and I hadn't so I decided to run home. Running with the goal of actually transporting myself somewhere instead of going in a loop was kind of exhilarating. I wonder if that means I'm ready to run my second ever race. (I mean mentally ready, because I'm certainly not physically ready).


Christina said...

Yaaaay! You can race me when I get there.

Teri said...

Cool for considering a race. When was your first one and what was it like?