Monday, June 18, 2012

Days 18-21: Running Challenge

On Wednesday June 13 (day 18) I ran 0.82 miles. Days 18-20 were all 1.11 miles. It's a new route that I can only run during daylight hours because there are several stretches that would otherwise be dark as a cave.

As I recall, on Thursday (day 19) when I ran the 1.11 miles around the apartment complex, it was difficult but exhilarating. I ran within earshot of the girls softball game during the hardest longest uphill section of the run. This was extremely helpful when someone apparently made a magnificent play and the whole stadium erupted in cheers. Since I couldn't see the stadium from where I was, it was easy to imagine that they were my adoring fans cheering me on through the hard part.

They LOVE me!!!
On Friday (day 20) I allowed another delusion to motivate my EH Loop run (1.11 mi). There were many fireflies out that night. It seemed there was always a firefly blinking about ten feet ahead of me for the whole run. I decided to believe that it was the same little guy the whole time and he was being my pace-setter and coach. Aww what a sweetie. He took me all the way home.

Coach Lighty-bug

Saturday (day 21) I ran the EH loop in the morning and just about died. I had such a hard time getting my mind off of the discomfort of running. I think running in the evening is actually easier for me because by then I have a whole day's worth of things to think about.

I guess I'm an evening jogger


Jaime said...

I like to picture you thinking and meditating on your evening run!

Christina said...

Hahaha!!! I LOVE these delusions. What a cute little firefly.

Teri said...

This might be my favorite post. It's corny but I sometimes picture family and friends in the spirit world cheering me on when I am doing something really hard for me. It's very motivating. :D What a cute, little firefly. It was sure nice of him to lead you along your route.