Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 2: Sleep

I confess I went to bed at 11:01 or possibly even 11:02 last night. That's how seriously I'm taking this. It won't happen again. I'm learning that an important part of my get-ready-for-bed routine is getting Christina ready for bed. Turns out she likes to eat before going down for a nice all-night sleep. (Yes, she does sleep ALL night. We're talking from 11-7:30. I know I am so spoiled).

Two nights ago, I was proudly swaddling my full-tummied baby at 10:55pm and was about to set her down in her crib guessed it...SPIT UP!!! And not a little. She needed a full outfit and blanket change. I enlisted Matt's help to get Tina to bed so that I could rush to brush my teeth, change and say my prayers and still hop into bed w/ lights out before 11:01. Matt is awesome. Of course, right after he got her changed and re-swaddled, she decided it was time for a diaper change, too.

Last night I was one or two minutes late because we started "Chuck" a little too late. (My new favorite Neflix addiction). Humor+Action+Plot+Romance+More Humor=Blissfully happy Cam

So I'm learning already. The things that are making it difficult to make it to bed before 11:00 are also the things that were surprising me (every night) and causing me to go to bed at 12:30 or 1:00 instead of a reasonable 12:00 like I'd planned.

Lessons so far:
Feed baby at least 30 minutes before I want to go to bed
Allow myself 10 minutes to brush teeth, get changed, say prayers, etc.
If we're going to watch a show, watch it early in the evening
Basically start getting ready 45 minutes before target bed time. Oh boy.

She looks so innocent
Side note: Lilly has been giving herself a new name every few days. It's always a name from/based off of a book or movie that she likes. She refuses to respond to Lilly (I don't think she's responded to Lilly for about a week now) and instead informs us that her name is _____ not Lilly. I figure, for fun, I'll document her names on this blog.

These are not Lilly and Christina
Past names
-Big Wish Bear
-Little baby Lorax

She is currently: Tender Heart.

Matt, Christina and I have also been receiving new names every few days.

Grumpy Bear
Fix It Bear

He's currently "Nicholas."

Sunshine Heart Bear

I'm currently "Kim."

And finally, Christina:
Sleepy Bear
Baby Boo
Baby Captain Hook (my personal fave)

Please comment on the blog (especially if you've been working on early to bed and early to rise!) I'd love to hear from you. It helps my morale and motivates me to do this 100%


Jaime said...

Baby Captain Hook is definitely my favorite! But I also love that you are Sunshine Heart Bear.

This goal is especially helpful to me this month, because in the two weeks that I have left before the baby is due, I am trying to finish all of my homework for the semester and get 8 hours of sleep every night so I stay healthy and rested for the baby. Homework and sleep usually don't mix for me, so this is an especially nice reminder for me every day of the importance of sleep.

Thank you, Cam! And congrats on two successful days :) said...

Well, this would be a timely goal for me. I've been staying up half the night lately. I think it's in a desperate attempt to have a little quiet adult time.

Love Lilly's nicknames!

Holly said...

Lilly is hilarious, "Kim!" You are one blessed mama to have a baby that sleeps through the night! I'm thinking about doing my own perfect month experiment soon- still trying to think what my goal should be.

Emily said...

Yay, Cam! You're awesome. Also, Christina is a beautiful baby, and Lilly is hilarious. :)
Holly, I look forward to hearing about your perfect month experiment!