Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 1: Relationship Building

Whoa! I blasted you with a kissing photo on day one! Booyah!!!

This is on the ski-lift at the MN state fair from last month. We thought we'd get an early start on our perfect month of relationship building by displaying our affection publicly, then taking a selfie so that we could display it even MORE publicly all over again. This is the start of some major relationship growth. I can feel it. (In fact, where is that hottie? I want to kiss him more). Just kidding. Just trying to weed out those who are too weak to read this month.

Tonight was a nice start to a perfect month. We did this sit-outside-after-Lilly's-asleep thing once last month and decided that it was really nice. I was amazed at that time, and again, tonight at how much Matt has to say! For whatever reason, when I ask him about his day at dinner, he gives me the 30 second version, but when we're sitting out under the stars, I hear about his excitement, fears, anxiety,'s really fun.

Tonight he started things off by asking about how I'm feeling about next week. I described to him a few things that will make it an exciting week for me (Monday Matt stays home since it's Labor day, Tuesday I watch three two year olds, Wednesday is work, Thursday is our 20 week ultrasound, etc) and then I asked him about his coming week. He went on to tell me all about his current project with his research group and how things are progressing, his final class that starts on Wednesday, his thoughts about his research and progress in his PhD in general, etc. It was really nice and I realized that I need to make more of an effort to listen and understand what is going on in Matt's work-life. When we were first married, I could explain his research about as well as he could. I've lagged a bit on giving it the attention necessary for me to grasp it. It is really fun to hear him talk about what he's learning, though, and I do feel closer to him when I know he can talk to me about it and I will understand what he's saying.


Jenny said...

Nice post and I'm glad you're starting a new month--they're always fun to read. I too have a hard time understanding Brad's research. Maybe I should try to ask more about that!

Bon courage on Tuesday! Really, let me know how it goes....

Holly said...

Way to go, Cam! :-)