Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 4 and 5: The Journal Challenge

The inevitable has happened: I had a day that 1)was boring and 2)left me with very little energy to write in my journal. I have the answer to this problem, but I did not use it. I was too tired. For future reference, I am going to attach a link that may be helpful for those of you who want to write but either don't know where to start, or just feel like life is not currently interesting enough to write about. I am right now assuming that a quick google search will get me what I'm assuming exists on the internet.

(Cross your fingers, here it goes!! Don't fail me, google!!!)

This one has some that are more geared toward creative writing, but also has many good ones.

This one is also pretty good

But really, I don't love either. I now commit to compiling my own list of journal topics and tips for keeping a good journal.

(Finally I have some idea of what the heck to write about with this Perfect Month!)

More to come.


Matt Rowley said...
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Matt Rowley said...

"I have the answer to this problem, but I did not use it."
How cryptic. What was your answer that you didn't use?

Jaime said...

I was talking with Christina this week about how I have improved my scripture study in the past two weeks, because I was inspired by your entries last month. Thank you for sharing, and insipring me!

Christina said...

So what's the deal? You still journaling or what?